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Supplying the Great Taste of American Confectionery in Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Enjoy the taste of America by sampling the American sodas and candy we have to offer. Based in Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Bellyboos stocks an all-encompassing range of iconic American confectionery.


Delight in Fantastic Candy

Among the popular candies we offer are Jolly Rancher™ sweets and 12 varieties of Reese's™ with peanut butter and chocolate. Three kinds of Milky Way™ are also available, including original, midnight, and French vanilla flavours.

Flavours for Every Taste

When you're hankering for a Snickers™, we've got just the thing. Four of them, actually—peanut butter, rocky road, almond, and the new Crisper™ varieties are all available to enjoy. Meanwhile, lovers of Cow Tales™ will be pleased to know that we offer caramel apple, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavours. Iconic, colourful Swedish Fish™ are also available to purchase. A vast assortment of Hershey's™ candy is available, including irresistible chocolate, sauces, and even a chocolate spread. For customers who prefer something sour, we offer Warhead™ candies. Discover something new by selecting from 9 varieties of Tootsie Rolls™, and 7 varieties of Pop-Tarts™.

An Exhaustive Range

The full range of snacks we have to offer is truly extensive. Also available are:

• PAYDAY™ Peanut Caramel Bars
• Baby Ruth™ Candy Bars
• MoonPie™ Confections
• Red Vines™ Liquorice Candy
• Twizzlers™ Candy 
• Wonka™ Products - Nerds™
• Laffy Taffy™
• Jelly Belly™ Beans
Oreo™ Brownies

Considering Every Customer

At Bellyboos, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the pleasure of sweets and candy. That's why we make sure to accommodate a range of dietary requirements. Diabetic, vegan, and vegetarian sweets are all readily available for you to enjoy. Additionally, we offer a selection of scrumptious gluten-free sweets.

Crunch and Chew

A variety of American potato chips and crisps are also available. Indulge in snacks including Cheetos™ and TGI Fridays™ potato skins in flavours including cheddar and bacon, baby-back ribs, and buffalo blue cheese. Chew over our fine selection of gums from companies including Wrigley™ and Dentyne™. Alternatively, enjoy the flavour of Sour Patch Kids™ gum.

Deliciously Fizzy Drinks

Enjoy the refreshing taste of an assortment of American sodas. These include:

• A&W Root Beer™
• Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer™
• Pepsi Throwbacks™
• Vanilla Coke™
• Hawaiian Punch™
• Monster Energy™ Drinks
• DUFF Energy™ Drinks
• Mountain Dew Kickstart™
• FiJi™ Water
• Butterbeer
• Jelly Belly™ Sodas
Jelly Belly Drinks

Snack Inside or On the Go

Whether you're sitting in, ordering to take out, or relaxing in our gaming room; we offer teas, coffees, and plenty of cakes and snacks. When you opt for our pre-packed sweet selections or order them loose, you are sure to enjoy a range of flavourful sensations. Soon, we will be offering a self-serving option. Stock is alternated constantly to ensure there is always something new to try.

Contact us today, in  Gorleston,Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, to hear more about the tremendous American sodas and candy we have to offer.

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