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Give the Gift of Extraordinary Candy in Gorleston, Norfolk

Give a present which is sure to delight when you order our irresistible sweet gift boxes. Based in Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Bellyboos has more than five years' experience supplying customisable sweet hampers packed with scrumptious sweets of your own choosing.

Choose Your Sweets

When you order a personalised gift box, you are welcome to come to our shop and select the delicious sweets to be included in your box. Alternatively, get in touch through our contact form and we will work swiftly to prepare your bespoke sweet hamper.

An Incredible Gift

Ideal for customers working within a budget, this appetising gift reflects your understanding of the recipient's tastes and preferences. You know best what sweets are going to delight the lucky recipient of your gift box, so we'll fill it up with whichever candies you prefer.

Gift Box With Candy

Readymade Boxes

Pre-made gift boxes are also available. Boxes filled with American candies like Jolly Ranchers™, Reese's™, and Wonka™ treats are all readily available. You can also put together a mixed gift box including a variety of sweets such as Skittles™ and M&Ms™ for an exceptionally pleasing token. To accommodate a range of dietary requirements, sugar-free gift boxes filled with boiled sweets, biscuits, or chocolates are also available.

Confounding Confectionery

In our Beanboozling gift box, we include a mystery tub of sweets alongside a tasty Jelly Belly™ soda, a refill pack, and a bag of Belly Flops—irregular and curiously misshapen Jelly Belly™ beans.

Gift Box With Candy

Resse's Gift Box

A Magical Gift

Harry Potter™ gift boxes loaded with Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans™, Chocolate Frogs with collector's card, jelly slugs, and butterbeer, all for £19.99. Currently, we are expanding our Harry Potter™ range, so expect more associated products in these gift boxes shortly.

Ample and Affordable

As there is a minimum charge for our gift boxes, we make absolutely sure they are packed with a sufficient amount of treats. Prices start from £15, including the cost of delivery. Boxes purchased in-store start from £10, and are designed as an attractive sweet bouquet. Boxed up, laced with shredded paper, and shrink wrapped, these bouquets are well presented and tightly packaged.

Contact us today, in Gorleston, Norfolk, to learn more about our sweet gift boxes, including customisable sweet hampers.

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